Company history

“For our family business, you as a customer are the focus. We want to make your everyday life easier with innovations and intelligent product solutions. We are constantly working on developing new technological improvements and successfully making them available to you. High quality, good service, customer satisfaction and individual special solutions have characterised the Sommerauer family business for 30 years.

With state-of-the-art CFD simulations and calculations, intensive development work and long-term tests, we are setting a clear exclamation mark on the biomass heating system market with the new ECOS in the areas of PERFORMANCE, ENERGY EFFICIENCY (world records), INNOVATIONS, FLEXIBILITY, RELIABILITY, HIGHEST OPERATING COMFORT and DURABILITY.

Benefit from the efficiency world champion ECOS with state-of-the-art biomass hybrid technology, which not only realises today, but already realises tomorrow”.

Thilo Sommerauer 
Managing Director/CEO and Head of Development, State-Certified Engineer


Thilo Sommerauer

The headquarters of the family business SOMMERAUER – Sommerauerstr.1 in 5120 St. Pantaleon, Upper Austria

SOMMERAUER – the family business with 30 YEARS of tradition

The biomass heating system specialist for pellet, wood chip and hybrid heating systems and individual discharge systems

Foundation – The path from special machine construction to today’s biomass heating systems

The Sommerauer family business was founded under the company name “SL-Technik GmbH”. The family business quickly established itself in its first business area, the customised construction of special machines. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of combustion and plant technology on the one hand and the high level of competence of the employees on the other, the logical next step was to enter the biomass heating market. From the very beginning, the company attached great importance to the development and integration of environmentally friendly
technologies. In the meantime, tens of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide trust in Sommerauer’s product solutions, quality, innovations and service.

International awards and 9 efficiency world records! 
Quality “Made in Austria” all over the world

In the course of the generation change in 2016, the company presented itself with a new brand name and a new design. Since then, the family-owned company has been operating under the brand name “Sommerauer” and has been able to win significant international awards, including the “Eco-label of Austria 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016”, and the “Plus X Award 2020 and 2021 for the ECOS (for the first time worldwide with 7 seals of approval), 2018, 2017, 2016” and the special awards for the ECOS as “Best Product of the Year 2020”, “Most Innovative Biomass Heating System of the Year 2020”, “Best Brand of the Year 2020” and “Most Innovative Brand of the Year 2020”. The Plus X Award is the world’s largest innovation prize for technology and innovation. The ECOS is nominated for the world’s largest environmental award, the Energy Globe 2020. With efficiencies of up to 98% (70 kW conventional nominal load, pellets) and up to 110.4% (70 kW condensing nominal load, wood chips), the ECOS was able to set a total of 9 efficiency world records! These efficiency world records were proven with boiler test measurement results and market research reports by TÜV SÜD. This was also confirmed by an officially registered Guinness World Records world record!