Megawatt projects

100 million euros small island town to be heated with 1 MW Sommerauer heaters

The biomass heating system manufacturer Sommerauer from St. Pantaleon in Upper Austria can look forward to a sensational project! In the immediate vicinity of Amsterdam (Netherlands), a 100 million euro marvel of modern architecture is being realised. An innovative small island town built on the water, with 202 luxury flats, its own multi-storey car park, various shopping and gastronomic outlets and jetties. This luxury small town in the shape of a ship is heated by Sommerauer with 4x 250 KW biomass heating systems (1 megawatt). A comparable project worth millions has never been realised in the history of biomass heating systems. Sommerauer was able to realise this sensational innovation project together with its foreign partner and importer for the Netherlands, Ing. Blokland (Company Calor Energietechnik B.V.).